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21 Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris XIII ème

Our shop is located on the left bank within the XIII district. We are in front of Bercy, very close to the ‘Cité de la Mode, and two minutes walking distance from the Metro Quai de la Gare on the Line 6.

We were the first simulation center to open its doors to the general public in June 2011. Since our opening we have flown thousands of aviation enthusiasts who came to enjoy an exhilarating experience at the controls of our Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator.

We cater to all levels of the public; from absolute beginners with no experience to professional pilots, private pilots, simulator enthusiasts or anyone interested in aviation.

We give our customer the chance to feel what is like to be a Captain by taking the command of our simulator. Our ‘Captains for the Day’ are guided by a Qualified Instructor who will serve as their First Officer for the duration of the flight. Our instructors are real pilots trained to teach you what it’s like to fly a jet airliner.

The simulator is based on the Boeing 737NG. It is designed specifically as an entry level training device with capability for deployment as a retail experience simulator. It provides a superb environment that replicates a modern twin jet aircraft.

Greeting you at the Flight Deck

Our instructors share in common high educational skills and are driven by their desire to share their flying passion with their customers.

Whether you are yourself an passionate, aviation enthusiast looking to experience almost the real thing or someone looking for an exceptional gift, we will aim to make give you a unique experience at the commands of our simulator.

If you are interested in flying our simulator while in Paris, we strongly advise to call us to enquire about availability. We are usually fully booked one month in advance. Call us before placing your order online and you will be guaranteed to fly during your stay in Paris.

Opening hours: from 10 am to 10 pm daily

Enquiries and bookings: from 11.30 am to 7 pm


John H, Narragansett, Rhode Island, United States “Great for the flight enthusiast!”

I took my 12 year old son here while we were in Paris and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, From the captain who worked with him right down to the fine gentleman at the front desk we were very impressed with everyone at the company. If you or a family member really love to fly then this is a worthwhile experience.

Zinou H, Paris, France "AMAZING flight experience"

I was positively suprised to see my skills as a plane captain for 15 min :D That was thanks to the very professional yet super nice mentor explaining me every single step. I was going to check this company out for my own clients as we want to offer them this little treat. I am convinced this will be a success.

RuMark, Pretoria, South Africa “Wonderful”

What a wonderful treat this was! Welcomed by friendly staff who offered us espresso while we watched the introductory video. We were offered a single flight, or several touch-and-go's from any airports in the world. I can't reinforce how welcoming and friendly the staff are and how helpful they are in fulfilling your dreams of flying a large airliner. The experience is realistic and exhilarating. Expensive, but worth it! We also received a dvd and framed picture to keep the memory.

Marina P, Moscow City, Russia “off the beaten path”

The flight simulator in Paris was definitely one of the highlights of our holiday. I went there with my mom as a birthday present to her and we had the greatest time even though neither of us had any previous flight experience. This was mainly due to our very patient instructor, but also to the simulator itself, which was more realistic than I had expected. We chose to fly over Vegas and Hong Kong, and the sights were amazing. It's not the cheapest adventure but it's worth every cent. Would definitely go again.

Victor L, Rio de Janeiro, RJ “Perfect for all ages and levels of experience”

For aviation enthusiasts, this is the place to go. It breathes aviation. And everything is done to remind you of that from the tiniest detail to the sim itself. The instructors are all qualified to fly the real 737NG, so you are getting the best of the best. Their level of expertise and enthusias towards the leyman makes this the perfect experience no matter your level of knowledge. I had a great time and would recommend it to experts and beginners with a crave for adventure alike.

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